The 28th Annual Professional Players Championship



As of March 31, 2022 we are excited to announce that the Diamond Open Nineball Professional Players Championship is an Official Nineball World Ranking event!  We’re expanding the field and switching the game to 9-Ball to bring this exciting opportunity for players and spectators to the Super Billiards Expo. 

Open & WPBA Divisions of the Professional Players Championship at the Super Billiards Expo

In addition to the Amateur Players Championship events, visitors to the Super Billiards Expo have the opportunity to watch or compete in Professional Players Championship events. 

Anyone is welcome to compete in the Professional Players Championship events – regardless if you’re an experienced professional or just an aspiring amateur looking to test your mettle against some of the world’s best shooters.

The Pro Players Championship events allow you to simply post your entry fee and compete against the legends. It’s an unparalleled learning opportunity and a true test of your abilities. 

Forget playing – just come watch!

Of course, not everyone wants to jump into the arena and battle the best. Instead, just come down, grab a ticket, and settle in for some great matches. We host an Open 9-Ball Division and a Women’s 9-Ball Division. Two separate events, competing simultaneously in one Pro Arena. So, whether you prefer watching the men or the women, one seats gives you access to both.

We offer General Admission and VIP Seating, and tickets are sold per session – so, you can come and go throughout your visit to the Expo.