The 29th Annual Professional Players Championship

In addition to the Amateur Players Championship events, visitors to the Super Billiards Expo have the opportunity to watch or compete in Professional Players Championship events. 

Anyone is welcome to compete in the Professional Players Championship events – regardless if you’re an experienced professional or just an aspiring amateur looking to test your mettle against some of the world’s best shooters.

The Pro Players Championship events allow you to simply post your entry fee and compete against the legends. It’s an unparalleled learning opportunity and a true test of your abilities. 

New for 2023 - Seniors Event!


We are working with Matchroom Sports in hopes of making this an Official Nineball World Ranking event. It was approved last year, so we are anticipating it being so once again. Decision should be finalized by Feb 15th. 
(Update, March 12: We are still waiting to hear)