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Ok, so we’re sure you’ve heard about the transition to a full week for 2022. It’s been a long two years for all of us, full of all sorts of disruptions. As we return to “normal”, finally, we are using the opportunity for this exciting change.
The primary impetus for these additional days is to provide a venue for the TAP League National Championships. As you know, the TAP League traditionally brings in thousands of player for their famous Rally in the Valley event.  Due to interruptions caused by covid, they have been unable to host their National Championships, typically in November; the problem is, the event must be hosted prior to Rally for certain rankings.
So, we came up with this solution – hosting TAP Nationals immediately prior to the Rally! 
TAP League will be bringing in two different large groups of players. We’ll be setting the pool tables and booths up a few days earlier, and adding a new event of our own as well. Plus, we’ll be starting our WarmUp Event and the Open Amateur one day ahead of time. 
This also creates an opportunity for all of our exhibitors. Now you can come the full week and be open for business the whole time, with two large groups of players coming through… it’s like two events in one! Three additional days to generate more revenue and interact with more fans and customers.  
As you know, we typically require Exhibitors to maintain certain hours or operation. Normally, we require Exhibitors to be open 11am-8pm each day (5pm on Sundays). If you choose to Exhibit in Hall B, you can stay open later if you wish.  This is done for the overall integrity of the show, so we don’t have some booths closed next to some booths open. We feel that does not look good for guests and shoppers, and that everyone benefits from this. The model has been working well for over 25 years now. 
This year, we realize it may be difficult for some vendors to come and be open the full week of the show. We highly encourage everyone to do so, but if it is not possible, we understand. And we think everyone else will too – the last year has brought many changes and disruptions to our lives. We will still require you be set-up and open Thursday-Sunday, as usual.  
We realize this may pose some challenges for moving in and setting up. It’s just something we are all going to have to deal with for this year.  Since play will be commence on Monday, we will not be able to allow vehicles on the show floor after Sunday. If you require this type of set-up, we suggest planning ahead. If you want to set-up Wednesday, in preparation to open Thursday morning, please be advised that there will be thousands of players in the building. There may be fellow Exhibitors open and conducting business around you. We are confident that others will be respectful of the situation, but you may want to be wary of your surroundings while setting up. 
Breakdown will be as usual, Sunday afternoon after 5pm. 
As always, we want everyone to have a prosperous show – and we will do everything we can to ensure that it happens. If you have questions or want to discuss your situation – please call (609)652-6116


We highly encourage all Exhibitors to arrive and set-up on the 16th and 17th. This will be better for everyone – your fellow exhibitors as well. But if that is not possible, we will make an allowance this year due to extenuating circumstances. You still MUST BE open and operational Thursday-Sunday during Show Hours, as usual.


Saturday & Sunday,  April 16-17



Mon-Wed,  April 18-20


Out of respect for the Players, please do your best to get ALL MATERIALS moved in and stationed at your booth before 11am, since play will begin. 

Questions? Call (609)652-6116

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All balances are due by March 1 prior to the show. You can use this form to pay your balance at any time. Thanks!