Amateur Players Championship Rules & Regulations


You will not be able to withdraw and get a refund after you enroll for an event.



Meeting are held in the Amateur Tournament Desk Area

Open Amateur Players meeting: Thursday, 10 am 
Senior Amateur Players meeting: Friday, 10 am 
Super Senior Amateur Players meeting:Saturday, 8 am
Women’s Amateur Players meeting: Friday, 6 pm
Junior Amateur Players meeting: Saturday, 12 pm
Pro-Am Bar Table: Saturday, 6 pm 

PLAYER MEETINGS – Players must attend the player meetings for their event. It is the responsibility of each player to know and understand all of the rules.

FORMAT – Tournaments are single elimination. First player to win 2 out of 3 races wins the match. Junior’s 12 and Under: races are to 4, finals are races to 5. Junior players must keep their own score. All other events race to 5.

SECOND CHANCE FORMAT – one set, race to 5, single elimination

CLOSE CALLS – If there is a hit that may be questionable, it is the responsibility of the non-shooting player to get the tournament director prior to the shot. Otherwise, if there is a discrepancy, the call will go to the shooter.

SCOREKEEPING – There is a score-keeping form that must be filled out by both players during the match. The score sheet must have your table number and bracket number filled in. Winner of the match is responsible for bringing the form to the tournament director immediately following the match in order to progress in the tournament. Players must mark their own scores. You may not mark your opponent’s score.

TIME-OUT – Each player is allowed one five-minute restroom time-out per match. Time-outs can only be taken between games and only by the breaking player. A player cannot take a break during a rack whether or not he/she is shooting. If there is an emergency, notify the tournament director.

FORFEIT – You will forfeit your match if you are more than 15 minutes late (by the tournament director’s watch) for your scheduled match time. Please try and be 15 min. early for your match. Unscrewing you cue during a match is also a forfeit. If you need to change shafts you must notify your opponent.

NO COACHING – ALL coaching is prohibited. Coaching may result in loss of game / match.

NON SHOOTING PLAYERS – As a courtesy to the shooter and other players around you, if you are not at the table you MUST be seated.

THE BREAK – Flip for the first break, winner breaks and players alternate breaks thereafter during the race. Loser of the flip breaks first in the second set and player’s alternate breaks thereafter during the race. If a third set is needed, players flip, winner breaks and players alternate breaks thereafter during the last race. Rack for your opponent. 9-ball on the break in any pocket is a win. If you and your opponent both decide to rack for yourselves, the 9-ball on the break is no longer a win, and will be spotted with the breaking player continuing play. Break from anywhere behind the line. Player must attempt an open break, no safe breaking. If the cue ball crosses the head string and does not contact the one ball on the break (such as a miscue), this is a foul. Player who fouled loses his/her turn to break; incoming player breaks from behind the head string. If the cue ball does not hit the one ball and disturbs the rack, or if the cue ball or an object ball does not hit a rail after the one ball is contacted, the balls are re-racked. This is a foul and incoming player breaks from behind the head string. Player who fouled loses his/her turn to break.

PUSH – One push is allowed after the break CUE BALL scratch on break, ball in hand anywhere on the table for incoming player

RACK – The racks are standard plastic racks provided with the tables from Mueller Recreational Products. Only the provided racks are allowed to be used.

GENERAL – Any foul results in ball in hand. Any ball landing off the playing surface is a foul. No balls are spotted after a foul except the 9-ball, including after the break. Three consecutive fouls by a player is loss of game but a warning must be given and acknowledged between the second and third fouls. If a player moves a ball his/her opponent has the option of putting it back or leaving it where it is. It is a foul if the shooting player puts the ball back with out asking his/her opponent first.

JUMP CUES – All legal jump cues (min. 40 inches) are allowed. You may not use the shaft of a cue to jump.Thur