POSTPONED! June 11-14

JUNE 11-14, 2020

All Exhibits Open Daily
(5pm Sunday)


April 9, 2020
Or When Events Sell Out

Players, Exhibitors, TAP members, Friends, and family of the Super Billiards Expo,

We appreciate your patience while we have been monitoring the situation and determining the best course of action.

Keeping the health and safety of our Super Billiards Family is of paramount concern in these uncertain times. While we could wait two weeks and assess the current climate like many others are doing, the nature of our event requires a large amount of preparation and travel from Exhibitors, players, and fans alike. Waiting two weeks will leave us a mere two weeks from show time, which would be too late for many to make the necessary arrangements – so, we have elected to be proactive and make the call now.

Although certainly a difficult decision to make, we feel it is in everyone’s best interest. As our nation rallies together to prevent the spread of this virus, we’re proud to do our part. Keeping people home and safely away from others who may unknowingly be infected is the safe shot. Our nation’s medical community needs to be able to keep its resources available to help those who do not have that luxury.

None of us knows what the future may hold – but at least now we all know that the next Super Billiards Expo will be June 11-14, 2020!

We are confident that the Covid-19 situation will be under better control by then, ensuring the safety of our guests traveling in from around the world.

We look forward to having you join us on these new dates – entries will be carried over, unless we hear otherwise from you. If you are a player in our Players Championship Series of events and need to withdraw, for any reason, we’ll gladly issue you a refund, as always.

If you are a vendor and cannot make these dates, please contact us and we will discuss options.

Competitors in the TAP League Rally in the Valley will be notified by their TAP Representatives and updated directly there as well; any questions you may have will be handled by TAP Event Staff and Corporate Office.

Stay tuned to our website and our facebook page for future updates.

We appreciate your patience and hope you all stay safe in the coming days.

Stay healthy – we’ll see you in June!

Allen Hopkins
Allen Hopkins Productions

International Players

We welcome players from all around the world, and we are glad that so many choose to attend.

You are welcome to play in any of our amateur or professional events. However – if you enroll in an amateur event and it is proven that you are a recognized professional in your home country, we will have to remove you from the event. 

Of course, you are still welcome to come to the Expo! We just have to maintain the amateur integrity of our event, and we ask that our international guests please respect that. We cannot monitor every player in every country around the globe – but, we do our best to monitor the lists, and other players bring names to our attention as well.

If you are unsure if you would be allowed to compete, you are welcome to contact us and provide your name and background so we can ascertain your status.  

Letter for VISA

We know some of you need an Invitation Letter to apply for a visa for travel from your home country.

Please use the form provided to generate an email that you can print and use for your application. Fill out the form, check your inbox – and voila! 

If you need something additional after filling out this form, please contact us and we will do what we can to help.

Thanks, and good luck to all!