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2024 Juniors Amateur Players Championship


17 & Under Division || 12 & Under Division

The Super Billiards Expo features two Junior Divisions of competition for just $10 each. This nominal fee will be donated to charity and is mostly used just to ensure that a parent or guardian is aware of the entry being made.

Each division’s winner has traditionally been recognized by the BEF as the Pennsylvania Juniors State 9-Ball Champion! You can read more about this event on the BEF page for the Pennsylvania Jrs State 9-Ball Players Championship.


Parents, guardians, and spectators will need a general admission ticket, weekend pass, or a Player Pass to enter the Super Billiards Expo. See ticketing info here.

All amateur events are played on Diamond Smart Barbox (3.5’x 7′) tables with Simonis 860 Cloth, the best quality equipment in the industry.

We will once again be partnering with the Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) to bring you the Pennsylvania Jrs State 9-Ball Players Championship.

The winner of each division (17 & Under, 12 & Under) will win paid entry into the BEF Junior Nationals! In addition, the top 16 players in each division will qualify to compete in the BEF Junior Nationals.


  • 9-Ball
  • Races to 4, Best 2 out of 3 Sets
  • Single Elimination


Top finishers will receive assorted prizes (cues, accessories, etc) and beautiful trophies!


Winner receives paid entry into BEF Jr Nationals 

Top 16 in each division qualify to compete in BEF Nationals. 

Assorted prizes (cues, accessories, etc) and beautiful trophies!

Ceci Strain

Up to 64 Players per Division*


You may withdraw from this event and open a spot for another player, but no refunds will be issued. The $10 entry will be forfeited and remain in the donation pool.  See the full Refund Policy here. 

7′ Diamond Smart Tables
Simonis 860 Cloth

 * As event draws near, field size subject to change due to time and space constraints. We do our best to accommodate as many players as possible.

Your entry fee includes a 4-Day Weekend Pass to the Super Billiards Expo, so even though this event starts Saturday, you can come visit the Expo all four days!

Player Badge will be required for access all weekend – be careful to not lose, misplace, or forget your badge. Must have badge with you at all times for access.

Lost badges will NOT be replaced. You’ll need a ticket for entry if you lose yours. 

This is a 2-day event. Finals will be played on Sunday
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Saturday, 1:00 pm

Saturday, Noon – Amateur Arenas

Event Registrations close April 1 at 6PM. Will close sooner if the event reaches max capacity.

Wednesday / Hall A Entrance
Noon – 9:00 pm

Thursday / Hall A Entrance
8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Friday / Hall A Entrance
8:00 – 7:00 pm

Saturday / Hall A Entrance
8:00 – Noon

This event requires advance sign-up, you can not sign up on-site


Registration has closed for this event. The Jr17 field was full and the Jrs12 field was near full when registration closed.

We are getting the data organized and doing the draws and creating brackets.

If there are last-minute openings, they will be filled at the Player’s Meeting.

We do not start waiting lists.
To try and get in, you would need to be at the Meeting and talk to the Tournament Director. 

Thanks and best of luck to you!


You will not be able to withdraw and get a refund after you enroll for this event.

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.

All cancellation requests MUST BE received 2 weeks before the start of the Expo.
Any cancellations or refunds will be processed within two weeks of the conclusion of the Expo, or sooner.

A $25 fee (per entry) will be withdrawn from ALL requested cancellation refunds. If it has been more than 120 days since you paid your registration, an additional 5% fee will be subtracted from your refund. 



In the highly unlikely event of another forced government shutdown due to illness, or any other unforeseeable emergency, all entries will be carried over to the next scheduled Super Billiards Expo. If you are unable to attend the newly scheduled dates, a refund may be requested and will be processed after the close of the rescheduled show. The $25 fee will be applied at the time of refund. 

If it has been more than 120 days since you paid your registration, an additional 5% fee will be subtracted from your refund. 

Want to play in more than one event?
Players are welcome to play in more than one event at the Super Billiards Expo. Please be aware that it is possible that match times might conflict, especially in the later rounds. We do our best to avoid conflicts, but it is impossible to control in events of this size and in this timeframe.

If a conflict in match times does arise, you will be forced to choose one event to play and one to forfeit. Unfortunately, we do not have the time and space to rearrange matches for players.

We will not be starting any Waiting Lists for this event.

If it is full, the only way to get in is to show up at the Player’s Meeting and see if there are any last minute openings.

Occasionally people withdraw and a spot may open here online. Sometimes we’ll announce that on our facebook page. If that happens, it’s just first-come, first-served. So, check back in often and keep an eye on our facebook. 

There is no need to call or email asking to get on a list – we will not start a list. 

Registered Players for the 2024 Juniors Amateur Division

 We provide these lists so that you can check and make sure we’ve received your entry. You can also review the list of names for anyone that may be ineligible to play and then let us know.

IMPORTANT: If someone else has paid your entry, you may need to search for that person’s name. If you see their name instead of your own, please notify us so that we can get you enrolled properly.

If you do not see your name in the list and think there may be an error, please call us at (609)652-6116 or contact us here

17 & UNDER DIVISION: (received online)

  1.  Bryson Arthur –  Gloverville, SC
  2.  Christopher Arthur –  Gloverville, SC
  3.  Anthony Jr. Atkinson –  Spotsylvania, VA
  4.  Cadin Bailey –  Lowville, NY
  5.  John-Caden Brown –  Ellijay, GA
  6.  Kevin Bryant –  Darlington, SC
  7.  Quintin Chen –  Staten Island, NY
  8.  Nick Cruz –  
  9.  Ross Deitz Jr –  Elizabethtown, PA
  10.  Hayden Ernst –  Crestwood, KY
  11.  Hayden Ernst –  Crestwood, KY
  12.  John Fay –  
  13.  Jacob Guevara –  
  14.  Jacob Guevara –  
  15.  Dylan Hammontree –  Edmonton, KY
  16.  Johnny Hammontree –  Edmonton, KY
  17.  Johnny Hammontree –  Edmonton, KY
  18.  William Hawley –  Louisa, VA
  19.  Sam Henderson –  Bettendorf, IA
  20.  Skylar Hess –  Queenstown, MD
  21.  Jacob Hyatt –  Archdale, NC
  22.  Jacob Hyatt –  Archdale, NC
  23.  Joseph Hyatt –  Archdale, NC
  24.  Jake Jackson –  Medina, NY
  25.  Amir Kellum –  Coatesville, PA
  26.  Lucas Kilgore –  Rising Sun, MD
  27.  Niko Konkel –  Winston Salem, NC
  28.  Alexander Leck –  Hamburg, PA
  29.  Roberto Liendo III –  Westfield, IN
  30.  Hayleigh Marion –  Bristol, VA
  31.  Aidan McDowell –  Denver, PA
  32.  Tanner Mckinney –  Essex, MD
  33.  anthony montelone –  north olmsted, OH
  34.  Xavier Murray –  Farmington, PA
  35.  Samuel Neibarger –  NORTH AUGUSTA, SC
  36.  Luke Novack –  Dickson City, PA
  37.  David Odell –  Fultonville, NY
  38.  Keith Odell –  Fultonville, NY
  39.  Owen Palmer –  Wrightsville, PA
  40.  John Paul –  
  41.  Landin Pearsall –  OldTown, ME
  42.  Chase Reigel –  Windsor, PA
  43.  Chris Riley –  
  44.  Ryan Riley –  
  45.  Mark Santarelli, Jr. –  
  46.  Jason Schultz –  
  47.  Robbie Schultz –  
  48.  Brianna Sejuit –  Lykens, PA
  49.  Tori Smartt –  East Brady, PA
  50.  sam smith –  Forest city, NC
  51.  D'Angelo Spain –  Lanham, MD
  52.  Bethany Tate –  Elm City, NC
  53.  Noelle Tate –  Elm City, NC
  54.  Brentton Thomas –  Dalmatia, PA
  55.  Austin Tyndall –  chesapecke, VA
  56.  Tanvee Vallem –  Bethesda, MD
  57.  Tanvee Vallem –  Bethesda, MD
  58.  Grayson Vaughan –  Shenandoah, VA
  59.  Jose Vicente –  Newfield, NJ
  60.  Eddie Vonderau –  Blacksburg, VA
  61.  Aidan Wagner –  Sparrow Bush, NY
  62.  Jacob Wallen –  Spring Grove, PA
  63.  Kaden Webber –  Falling waters, WV
  64.  Lincoln Weber –  St Augustine, FL
  65.  Lincoln Weber –  St Augustine, FL
  66.  Tucker Weber –  St Augustine, FL
  67.  Mayrah Yoeun –  Lancaster, PA
  68.  Jordan Zimmerman –  Devon, PA
  69.  Tanner Zulisky –  Latrobe, PA


  1.  Aiden Carey –  Lester, PA
  2.  Harper Carson –  Gassaway, WV
  3.  Everly Chacon –  Brambleton, VA
  4.  Lylah Chacon –  Brambleton, VA
  5.  Mila Collver –  London, Ontario
  6.  Nathan Collver –  London, Ontario
  7.  Eli Dickson –  Wake Forest, NC
  9.  Hayden Ernst –  Crestwood, KY
  10.  Hayden Ernst –  Crestwood, KY
  11.  Adam Forker –  Quakake, PA
  12.  Serenity Forker –  Quakake, PA
  13.  Marlin Foster –  Gates, NC
  14.  Cedar Gauthier –  Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
  15.  Rylie Gavrish –  Meriden, CT
  16.  Lori Geiger –  
  17.  Sandy Geiger –  
  18.  Carter Gladfelter –  Colora, MD
  19.  Jacob Guevara –  
  20.  Jacob Guevara –  
  21.  Johnny Hammontree –  Edmonton, KY
  22.  Johnny Hammontree –  Edmonton, KY
  23.  Jacob Hyatt –  Archdale, NC
  24.  Jacob Hyatt –  Archdale, NC
  25.  Vinny John –  Sterling, VA
  26.  Jackson Jones –  Lincoln University, PA
  27.  Gavin Mathew –  Frisco, TX
  28.  Holden Moody –  Cambridge, MD
  29.  Alexandria Morris –  Duncannon, PA
  30.  Kaleb Nakaishi –  Reading, PA
  31.  Evan Nolter –  Coal Township, PA
  32.  Braelyn Odell –  Fultonville, NY
  33.  Logan Odell –  Fultonville, NY
  34.  Chloe Osborne –  Binghamton, NY
  36.  Clayton Perry –  North Stonington, CT
  37.  Eric Prussack –  
  38.  Mike Prussack –  
  39.  Lorenzo Rivera –  Carlstadt, NJ
  40.  Kinsley Slavik –  
  41.  Cameron Snapp –  Middletown, MD
  42.  Franki Spain –  Lanham, MD
  43.  Caleb Stafford –  Beverly Hills, FL
  44.  Joshua Stafford –  Beverly Hills, FL
  45.  Joanne Sweeney –  
  46.  Juniper Sweeney –  
  47.  Colt Tasker-Crosco –  Oakland, MD
  48.  Jaxon Taylor –  Coatesville, PA
  49.  Sophia Trinci –  Schenectady, NY
  50.  Paul Tully –  Howell, NJ
  51.  Tanvee Vallem –  Bethesda, MD
  52.  Tanvee Vallem –  Bethesda, MD
  53.  Jordan Vidzicki –  Quakake, PA
  54.  Jason Warner –  Hagerstown, MD
  55.  Marshall Warner –  Hagerstown, MD
  56.  Lincoln Weber –  St Augustine, FL
  57.  Lincoln Weber –  St Augustine, FL