Amateur Event Eligibility

In order to keep our amateur events truly competitive and truly amateur, we have developed a qualifying system to determine who is eligible to play. There are many high caliber players, and there are many who are immediately recognized as professionals. Our event is intended for great players from all over the world to come, have fun, and compete. But, it is for amateurs.

However, there is no clear defining line to determine who is a professional and who is not. We do our best to ensure that this event remains strictly amateurs.

Yes, there are a lot of great players in this event.

No, we cannot prevent every well-known amateur player from entering.

So, who is NOT allowed to play? In an effort to protect the amateur-only status of this event, we have determined that anyone who meets any the following criteria can not be allowed to play in our Amateur Players Championship Series:


— Top finishers(depending on field size) in the following events from the year prior to the Expo:

  • Super Billiards Expo Diamond Open 10-Ball Pro Players Championship (top 16)
  • US Open 9-Ball Championship (top 24
  • Derby City Classic – Any Division (approx top 24, depends on fields)
  • Turning Stone Classic XXII 9-Ball Open, September (top 24)

— Any player on the most current WPBA List of Exempt Professionals
The WPBA is the governing body of Women’s Professional Billiards, so we will use their list of professional players. In the past, this list was published on their website. We’ll make a copy available here soon if possible. 

— If you are from outside the USA and recognized or generally considered as a professional in your home country, you may be disqualified if this is brought to our attention. Please respect the amateur status of this event.

We reserve the right to use our own discretion in any questionable situation. If you think you are a player that any of these questions may apply to, please feel free to call and ask, you can reach us at (609)652-6116 or by email at