Now that we are finally able to resume the Super Billiards Expo, many of you may have some questions about what to expect this year. So, we’ve created this page to address these concerns. 

As you have heard by now, the 2022 Super Billiards Expo will be held April 18-24. The main reason for this is to provide the TAP League a venue for their postponed National Championship event – which must be completed before they can hold their Rally in the Valley event.  So, we are hosting both exciting events back-to-back!

As a player, you now have 3 additional days to hang out with old friends and compete in different events. We’ve added a new event, which starts Monday – the 6 Ball Amateur Players Championship.

The Wednesday Warm Up that everyone looks forward to will be held on Tuesday this year, one day early. 

The Open Amateur will start a full day early, but all other events are on the same type of schedule as previous years. 

If you are a TAP League player, you’ll now have two awesome events back-to-back! The show has been extended to host the TAP National Championships and then segue right into the Rally in the Valley!

Besides the fun of being at the show, adding new days also allows us to expand things out a bit to help with social distancing efforts for those that may be concerned. You’ll have more time to visit with your favorite vendors throughout the week.  If you are curious about any vaccination requirements, please see the Q&A below. 

As a vendor, you now have 3 additional days to be set-up and entertaining customers and fans – at no extra charge! The TAP League will be bringing in two different player groups of several thousand people each over the course of the week. In addition, we’ve added a new event for our amateur players – the 6-Ball Amateur Players Championship, which starts Monday. On top of that, our popular Wednesday WarmUp Event will now be held on Tuesday – and our Open Amateur Players Championship will start a day early as well. 

If you have questions or would like to discuss anything, please call 609-652-6116

Q & A

We realize that this is a big change and you may have some questions. As we get some frequently asked questions, we’ll do our best to address these concerns below. 

If you have a specific question you do not see below, please contact us for help. 

As long as you did not request a cancellation or refund, you are still in the event. 

We will be adhering to whatever guidelines that the local governments require us to do. By now, we all have a sense of the guidelines and how often they change.

As of this writing (Jan 29, 2022) there are no restrictions in place in the Valley Forge region.

Each individual will be on their own as to how they wish to proceed. If you want to wear a mask, by all means you are welcome to. We will not force anyone to do so, although it may be a prudent action for anyone concerned about the ramifications of falling ill. 

While we are encouraging everyone to take advantage of the extra days, we realize that some may be unable to do so. As usual, we are requring all vendors to maintain set show hours of Thurs-Sunday, 11am to 8pm each day (5pm on Sunday) … anything outside of that range is up to the individual Exhibitor. 

Too early to say. This year provides a unique opportunity and reason to try some new things. If everyone seems to enjoy the format, then we’ll consider bringing it back. Either way, we’re just glad to be back!