Exhibitor Registration 2022

Bring your products to the people!

The Super Billiards Expo has earned its reputation as the largest consumer-oriented tradeshow in the industry by continually uniting the finest manufacturers, retailers, and custom cue makers in the billiards world with the fans, professionals, merchants, and the buying public.

Our idea to unite the industry directly with the customers, fans, and players – amateur and professional – has created a show unlike any other in the industry! Every year, thousands of poolplayers, fans, and dealers visit the Super Billiards Expo to browse through and shop with the companies that drive our sport.

Collectors visit the show to find the latest offerings in rare and high-end custom cues from the American Cuemakers Association (ACA) and the International Cuemakers Association (ICA).

Home gameroom enthusiasts will be searching to find artwork, accessories, and more. Beginners will be looking to find affordable first cues… You’ll see some of the pros as they mingle through the crowds to hang out with their sponsors, or just visit friends.

Whatever niche your product may fill, the Super Billiards Expo is the place for you to be. Whether you want to launch a new product, drive sales for your business, or enhance your brand identity – the Super Billiards Expo is the place to do it.

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As most of you know, the show has been postponed multiple times due to Covid’s impact. We’re excited to be returning in 2022, and we’ve got some big changes in store. Most importantly, the 2022 Super Billiards Expo will be an entire week long! We will be hosting TAP League’s National Championships on the 18-21st, and then the Rally in the Valley will be the 21-24th. 

These will be two entirely different event with two groups of players! 

We have also added a new event of our own to run simultaneously with this – the 6-Ball Amateur Players Championship. On top of that, we’ll be starting our famous Open Amateur Players Championship a day early this year, on Wednesday – all of this to give you extra days and extra time to spend with your customers and fans at no additional charge. 

If you have already reserved a booth from 2020, your reservation will carry over to 2022.

If you cannot attend for the full week, or need to make changes for any other reason, please give us a call at 609-652-6116 to discuss your options.

If you reserved a booth in 2020, your reservation will carry over

Booth Cost and Payment Details

Booth Cost is dependent upon when you sign up. Sign up early for savings! 

BEFORE June 1, 2019

By Mail

AFTER June 1, 2019

By Mail

Booths #900 and above can be converted into a 10×15 space for an additional $500. If you are interested in this, contact us to make arrangements. 


A deposit of 50% is required to reserve your location. All balances are due March 1 prior to the show. If your balance is not received on time, you may forfeit your booth location and deposit.


Electric and phone services are available at an additional charge. This will be covered in your Exhibitor Registration package which you will receive in the mail after reserving your booth(s).


Diamond Billiards Table

If you are interested in having a pool table set up in your booth, we have an arrangement with Diamond Billiard Products to meet your needs. Please contact Chad Scharlow at Diamond Billiards to get more information and make your reservation. Call (812)288-7665

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Notes & Information

We will do our best to get you the booth(s) you select. The online maps and listings are not updated in real time, so sometimes the booth(s) you choose may not be available. In this case, we will use your 2nd or 3rd choice options. We will send you a confirmation notice to let you know exactly which booth(s) you received. We may call you to discuss your options. Allen Hopkins Productions reserves the right to alter and/or allocate booth selections to preserve and/or improve the integrity of the Expo floor layout. 


* Booths #900 and above can be converted into a 10×15 space for an additional $500. If you are interested in this, contact us to make arrangements.