REGISTERED PLAYERS - Diamond Open 10-Ball Pro Players Championship

Updated for 2018

We provise these lists so that you can self-check and make sure we’ve received your entry. You can also review the list of names for anyone that may be ineligible to play and then let us know.

Please review the list below after you’ve registered to make sure we’ve received your entry. You may need to reload the page, or wait a few minutes and come back. We apologize for two separate lists, but we’ve been working on improving the site in the quickest manner, so this is a slight hiccup as a result. Overall, the experience should be a better one for all, we hope.

If you do not see your name in the list and think there may be an error, please call us at (609)652-6116 or send an email to

If you’ve registered by mail, please check back soon for an updated list of “By Mail” entries. 

IMPORTANT: If someone else has paid your entry, search for that person’s name. As of now, our automated system only displays the name of the person who makes the payment. The Player’s name should have been supplied in the transaction as well, and that is who we have enrolled. We are working on improving the system, please bear with us.


  1.  Jesse Docalavich – Tunkhannock, PA
      Total entries by Registrant (if >1): (2)
  2.  Franklin Hernandez – Yonkers, NY
      Player's Name:  Franklin Hernandez
      Player's Name:  KANG LEE
  4.  donny mills – clearwater, FL
      Player's Name:  donny mills
  5.  MICHAEL ORTIZ – Gainesville, VA
      Player's Name:  MICHAEL ORTIZ
  6.  jerome rockwell – ochopee, Florida
      Player's Name:  jerome rockwell
  7.  Rick Scarlato – Baltimore
      Player's Name:  Edward Abraham
  8.  Joseph Sellecchia – Wycombe, PA
      Player's Name:  Joseph Sellecchia
  9.  Earl Strickland – Langhorne
      Player's Name:  Earl Strickland


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