General Rules and Information

Tournament Directors: Frank Del Pizzo & Doug Ennis

  • 10-Ball, races to 10
  • Double Elimination, Final 16 Single Elimination
  • Final 16 play races to 13, Single Elimination
  • There will NOT be a redraw upon conclusion of double elimination
  • Open to all players, men and women
  • Rack your own; 10-ball does not count on the break
  • Rotate Break
  • Push out after the break
  • Foul on all balls
  • 3 fouls in a row results in loss of game. Players must notify their opponent when they are on 2 fouls.
  • No call shots
  • One foul results in ball-in-hand
  • If a player accidentally touches a ball, their opponent will have the option to leave ball as-is or put back where he/she thinks it was.

If you have a question that is not covered above, feel free to send us an email or call (609)652-6116


Want to play in more than one event?

The 10-Ball Professional Players Championship will start Thursday; all players will play at least twice since it’s double elimination and we’ll be using 16 tables. If you sign up for other events, pay attention to their starting time. There is a chance that match times will overlap – it just depends on match times and your performance in each event.

Unfortunately, we do not have the time and space to hold up matches in one event while allowing a player to finish in another event. If a conflict should arise, you will have to choose one event to continue in and one match to forfeit.