allen hopkins productions presents


march 30- april 2, 2017

The 2017 Super Billiards Expo Wednesday Warm-Up Kickoff Event
starts in:


Act now to get your Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Poster! We've got more than we need, and we want your help spreading the word about the show. We're offering a Limited Edition series of these for your collection.


For just $25, Allen Hopkins, Hall-of-Famer and founder of the Super Billiards Expo, will personally sign & number your poster (which was designed by his son, the other Allen Hopkins). He will then personally roll and ship that Collector's Item poster along with 10 other unsigned posters for you to hang in your favorite local pool rooms or hangouts. Keep the Signed & Numbered Poster for your gameroom, and help share the word about the greatest billiards expo on the planet!

Only 100 Signed & Numbered posters will be sent out. Act now to get yours today!
Poster will be signed and numbered somewhere on the front, by Allen Hopkins with your number represented as part of the series, such as 1/100, 2/100, and so on.