allen hopkins productions presents


march 30- april 2, 2017


Thanks for choosing to be an exhibitor at the Super Billiards Expo!

There are a range of materials you will receive and need as a registered exhibitor. These materials are also available online, but they are not accessible to the public.

To gain access to these materials, please look for a link in the materials we send to you in your Exhibitor Confirmation Package.

If you would like, we can email you a link to these materials.
To receive a link, simply send us an email request at info@superbilliardsexpo.com.

The exhibitor materials you can expect to find online include:

  • Exhibitor Staff Badge Data
  • Expo Services Guide (info on shipping, electric services, and more)
  • Hotel Rooming Information - Use this to secure and pay for your reserved hotel room at the host hotel
  • Show Hours Agreement
  • Program Book Advertising Information - also available online here
  • Promotional Opportunities - also available online here