Congratulations to all the players who cashed in our Amateur Player's Championship Events! Please read below to see a list of the top finishers in each division.

RESULTS - 2007 Super Billiards Expo Events

Below you will find the top finishers of the Players Championship series of tournaments from 2007. 

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Gabriels Professional Open 9-Ball Championship 
Artistic Pool Masters Championship 
Pro-Am Bar Table Challenge 
Amateur Open Players Championship 
Amateur Womens Players Championship 
Amateur seniors Players Championship 
Amateur Juniors Players Championship 

Gabriels Professional Open 9-Ball Championship 
64 Players, $20,000 Added to prize pool 
1st: $12,000 
Corey Deuel 

2nd: $7000 
Ronnie Wiseman 

3rd: $5000 
Rodney Morris 

4th: $4000 
Fabio Petroni 

Artistic Pool Masters Championship 

Andy Segal 

Mike Massey 

Nick Nikolaidis 

Matt MacPhail 

Pro-Am Bar Table Challenge 
1st: $2200 
Antonio Gabica 

2nd: $1400 
Charlie Williams 

3rd-4th: $800 
Stan Tourangeau 
Tommy Tokoph 

Amateur Open
Players Championship

800 Players, $40,000 Prize Pool, 64 places paid 
1st: $5000 
Mike Dechaine 

2nd: $2000 
Dave Grau 

3rd-4th: $1500 
Steve Petty 
Tony Rubeerto 

Amateur Women's 
Players Championship

136 Players, $6800 Prize Pool, 16 places paid 
1st: $1500 
Yu Ram Cha 

2nd: $800 
Pam Treadway 

3rd-4th: $575 
Laura Lindauer 
Renee Havel 

Amateur Senior's 
Players Championship
350 Players, $17,500 Prize Pool, 32 places paid 
1st: $3000 
Ken Kerekes 

2nd: $1500 
Dennis Bolella 

3rd-4th: $1000 
Don Steele 
Carl Jones 

Amateur Junior's 
Players Championship

14 & Under 
60 Players 
Adam Tanner 

Ryan Mayo 

Devon Cataldi 
Brianna Miller 

18 & Under 
80 Players 
Richard Barney 

Michael Tosada 

Curtis Coleman 
Chad Palmer 

Second Chance Scramble 
1st: $1300 
Bucky Souvanthong 

2nd: $800 
Wes Largen 

3rd-4th: $400 
Pete Calabrese 
Jorge Rodriguez 

Women's Second Chance Scramble 
1st: $400 
Teruko Cucculelli 

2nd: $200 
Dawn Clark 

3rd-4th: $140 
Nicole Momaco 
Alexandra Calabrese 

Association for P.O.O.L. / TAP League 
Rally in the Valley
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Played on Diamond Smart tables 

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