RESULTS - 2005 Super Billiards Expo Events

Congratulations to all the players who cashed in our Amateur Player's Championship Events! Please read below to see a list of the top finishers in each division.

Below you will find the top finishers of the Amateur and Professional Players Championship series of tournaments from the 2005 Super Billiards Expo.

Open Amateur Players Championship
775 players 
1st: Billy Ussery Jr $5000
2nd: Jerry Hager $2000
3rd/4th: John Morra, Dominick Souza $1375 each

Women's Amateur Players Championship
160 players
1st: Pamela Treadway $1300
2nd: Zinnie Panju $800
3rd/4th: Ellen Van Buren, Stacie Bourbeau $550 each

Senior's Amateur Players Championship
306 players
1st: Isaac Runnels $2000
2nd: Larry Szvaczkowski $1100
3rd/4th: Ellen Van Buren, Stacie Bourbeau $800 each

Junior's Amateur Players Championship
18 and Under Division
1st: Mike Dechaine
2nd: Telly Kikrilis
3rd/4th: Tyler Elliot, Curtis Coleman

Junior's Amateur Players Championship
14 and Under Division
1st: Chris Futrell
2nd: Jose Rivas Jr
3rd/4th: Brandon Blackburn, Francisco Cifuentes

Second Chance Scramble - Open Division
1st: James Denegris
2nd: Rich Larusso
3rd/4th: Richard Keefe, Barry Rogers

Second Chance Scramble - Womens
1st: Lisa Cristiano
2nd: Amy Foster
3rd/4th: Alexandra Calabrese, Tamiko Kumatori

Pro-Am Bar Table Challenge - Open
1st: Shannon Daulton
2nd: Keith McCready
3rd/4th: Dennis Hatch, Ryan McCreesh

Pro-Am Bar Table Challenge - Women's Invitational
1st: Tiffany Nelson
2nd: Sarah Rousey
3rd/4th: Kelly Fisher, Tamiko Kumitori

Brunswick Professional Players Championship
64 players
1st: Shawn Putnam
2nd: Fabio Petroni
3rd: Jeremy Jones
4th: Charles Bryant

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