allen hopkins productions presents


march 30- april 2, 2017


Those of you that have been attending the show know that we generate "Registered Player Lists" for each event. We do this so that you can double-check that we've received your entry and so that you can see other players in the event. This has always been a manual process, so sometimes you had to wait to see your name.

This year, we've incorporated the registration tools made available by EventBrite. You may have noticed the improvements during the registration process. Their tools also allow us to indicate who is attending the event, as a player, in real time. Within minutes of submitting your registration online, you'll see your name listed in the "People Going to Super Billiards Expo" section below (scroll down). If you click on your name, you'll see the event(s) we have you registered for.

NOTE: When you scroll down, you'll see EventBrite's standard "Event Page" embedded in our site for your convenience. You have to scroll past the Description and other general show info to find the "People Going to Super Billiards Expo" section.

If you've registered online recently and do not see your name in the list or you think there may be some other type of error, please call us at (609)652-6116 or send an email to info@superbilliardsexpo.com.

If you've sent in your registration through the mail, please allow ample time for us to tabulate names in our database and update our official Registered Player Lists.